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By: Myrtha Jasmin

Princeton, NJ, USA

DearSis, is an invitation for conversation.



    MJ is on vacation this week so we took a little walk down memory lane to revisit MJ's amazing interview with the owner o ... Moref The Honey Pot Company, Bea Dixon! Bea is the owner of The Honey Pot Company. - - She has been successful in creating natural femi nine wellness products being sold and used worldwide and is revolutionary in what she does as well as how she approaches life. Listen in today as she gets real with MJ! Less

  • She's Gonna Say It!

    TLW returns to hang with MJ and the ladies from the "She's Gonna Say It!" Podcast - Ms Lou and TT!

  • The TLW Experience Podcast!

    MJ launches her first podcast spinoff - the TLW Experience! Sitcoms used to do it all the time but as far as we know, th ... Moreis is the FIRST time a podcast spun off another podcast. Tracy Lynn Williams, (Oooohhhh! THAT'S what TLW means!?!) MJ's temporary DearSis co-host, ventures out on her own, and in this episode, MJ unpacks the concept of the show with TLW and wishes her well. Less

  • Happy Birthday MJ & Farewell TLW!

    MJ's birthday is coming up on July 3rd! Also this is TLW's last episode BUT she has a special announcement! Stay Tuned!

  • Don't Catch Feelings, Catch Flights!

    As the DearSis podcast begins its guest host wind-down, TLW makes a special announcement!

  • You Are Royalty!

    MJ sits with Talia, the 19-year-old owner of Royalty Apparel. What is Royalty? Royalty encourages the youth, young adult ... Mores, and the older generation. The broken places that you feel when you feel like you aren’t good enough - When you feel like you are unattractive - When you feel like you have to go get validation from others - When you don't fit the criteria of how they label you on what you should look like. Remember you are ROYALTY. Never let your crown fall! Less

  • An Interview with Dr. Raykel Tolson

    MJ and TLW chat with the Money Mentalist, Dr. Raykel Tolson this week. MJ also warns about a dating scam!

  • Meet TLW!

    MJ interviews her new guest host, TLW! Find out everything you wanted to know about her but were afraid to ask!

  • An Interview with Mama Yoga

    MJ and new guest host, TLW, sit with Sa Mut A. Scott aka Mama Yoga, this week! Sa Mut is a Nationally Certified Health C ... Moreoach, Master Personal Trainer, Nationally Registered & Certified Yoga Instructor, Fitness Class Instructor, and Community Wellness Coach. She is a lifelong student of conventional and complementary wellness practices studying nursing, home health aide care, and most recently health and wellness coaching with Kaplan University. Ms. Scott studied yoga and has been certified as a yoga instructor by internationally known yoga school, Yoga Skills in Chicago Illinois.

    A former radio host, columnist, the author of three books on inspiration and wellness, and creator of the Joyful Life Fitness DVD Sa Mut Angela Scott is a devoted wellness professional who uses the principles of good health and wellness to make a difference in the lives of students and educators alike. Less

  • Meet the new co-host and enjoy an Interview with Brianne Davis

    MJ and new co-host, TLW speak with best selling author Brianne Davis this week. In her unique roman à clef novel, Brian ... Morene shares her own intimate experience with the transformational power of recovery, providing strength and hope for anyone who wants to change their life forever.
    Imagine if Sex and the City's Samantha discovered she was an addict and her drug of choice was MEN. Go on a hilarious, inspiring, and at times, shocking journey as "Roxanne" conquers her fears, changes her ways, gets closer to healthy relationships and begins loving herself a little more each day.
    Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex & Love Addict has the vibrant, relatable vibe of chick lit, the soul-baring honesty of a memoir and the wisdom of a self-help book. Less